In a world of uncertainties, I will believe that there is truly nothing like impossible…

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My Mentor, My Father.

There was such an indescribable pain in his final moments; you could just see from the way his eyes no longer sparkled and his smile didn’t reach his eyes – it was like he knew what was coming. Although, on some other days he was happy with his achievements and happy that he had found … Continue reading My Mentor, My Father.

Choosing Right…

Last month, I was opportune to be a part of a research team formed by one of my mentors. He told me about the fact that all team members were critically handpicked – why? He wanted people with the drive to do things the differently, he wanted people that would always question situations, distinguish themselves … Continue reading Choosing Right…

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Be Kind..

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing good? As for me, I’m holding up and keeping my head high. Something dropped in my heart and I decided to write it immediately. A quick story; I know a particular woman who had a daughter – a very pretty baby. This woman provided everything her daughter … Continue reading Be Kind..

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