I think I am losing focus…

I slipped.

I failed in what I always wanted to achieve, my topmost priority.

I think I am not just losing focus, but I feel myself drowning. Sometimes, Its like my life is slowly slipping away and nothing can be done. Over the years, I have always been someone who was always sure of everything, like what and where I would be in the next five years.

At this point though, I feel like a block head.

This photo was taken by me at the University of Lagos, Nigeria

I feel pressured. 

These days, I wake up feeling overwhelmed not because I have put in the work but because the air is thick. It’s like a billion people are looking up to me and slipping was not an option.

I have really tried to keep my life and everything private even to my Mum who is the closest person to my heart, but I couldn’t help it this time.

I think the main reason I told her was so that she wouldn’t expect so much from me (LOL)

I worked hard; Stayed up visualizing and was so focused on pulling through and achieving what I wanted.

This photo was taken by me. It felt good reflecting about a lot of things under this beautiful Sun

I am talking to God and thinking of going for therapy. These days though, I try to talk to my Mum more and laugh more. I am surrounding myself with everything positive. Oh, I also drafted plans as to how I can get back on my feet. The first two plans failed the day I started, but I made another one.

It’s still a long road ahead, but I will be fine.

With Love🌸

4 thoughts on “I think I am losing focus…

  1. I relate to your reflections. I’ve been drowning in my own inactivity of my manifestations. Taking the right actions but somehow experiencing a delay in manifestation. I don’t know if it’s a block in my energy field or in limiting beliefs and set points. I have done self assessments and tried to solve this. It’s still a work in progress but I know as long as you’ve put in the action there will be a definite result in effects despite the delay

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    1. I’m so glad that someone can relate because at a point.. Sincerely, it looked like I was the only one with the problems. Self assessment is really important and putting in the work is definitely key. Thanks for sharing, kinge🌺

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      1. I’m sure it’s been a tough year for many. Having a good foundation in trust as you’ve mentioned is one of the best ways to deal with the struggles. Welcome and thank you 🌻

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