Is it normal to have an undying love for….. Yum Yum Beef Sausage Roll?

Oh! Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to my dearest Yum Yum.

I remember eating this particular beef sausage roll for the first time on the 4th of March, 2020 and since that day, it has become my best friend.

One thing I love about this particular sausage roll is the fact that it is really filling. After taking just one, I am automatically filled up and more often than not, I could skip lunch without even noticing.

Also, my favorite sausage roll has a very unique taste and texture. It is always so soft, succulent and yummyy (I feel like eating one already!)

I decided to research into what it is made of and realized that the energy content is so high. Maybe that is why I feel active after taking it. We all know the importance of having enough energy the tiniest things.

Moreover, eating healthy is so important and I do believe that a lot of research was done before making this product because all the classes of foods are moderately represented; From carbohydrate to fat and then protein.

Let’s not even start with the packaging. I am screaming, lol. I am not a fan of really flashy colours; I prefer mild, simple and classy colors. The wrapper has four colors; White, yellow, red and brown. These colors are in their darker shade which to me stand out. The yellow goes so well with the brown and red while the white brings a lot of calmness to the equation.

🌸Efforts to get through to Pioneer Foods Company, Nigeria (makers of yum yum) proved abortive as at the time of writing. I hope to carry out more research with regards to their production processes, employee engagement and marketing strategies. Until then!

Thank you for reading 🌸

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