Photo: Clay Banks

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while since I posted on here. I hope you liked my shabby review on my favorite sausage roll though. Lol.

The truth is I wanted to post something much more lively after this post (Kindly find below). Thank you for you kind messages ❤️.

How do I feel now?

Much better. I never write goals for the new year until January 1st, but this lady right here has written down everything she wants to achieve and the sweetest part of it all is that I have started working on my goals. I have also accepted that failure is a part of life. Yes, it can make you stumble and question everything, but you shouldn’t quit. I won’t quit😁

Okay so guys, it’s the festive season and I am super grateful for everything God has done for me. It has been a hard year, but it is still extremely important to remain thankful no matter the storm.

Like my blog’s name “Nothing is Impossible,” 2021 will be better and fillled with success, possibilities and lots of opportunities for you!

Photo: Sapan Patel

My Christmas was quite eventful. I went to my cousin’s house and we cooked a lot of delicacies (I’m sorry I couldn’t take pictures, my phone got spoilt), I spent quality time with friends and family and then, started reading two books; Atomic habits and The Defining Decade_Why your twenties matter. Both books are so inspiring but right now, I am more engrossed in the latter.

Do you ever feel like you have super powers after reading?

I once interned at one of the best Private Equity firms in Nigeria and my buddy at work said that he liked reading so that he could ‘chat’ about what he had read. Lol.

Why do you like reading?


With Love🌺

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