I have seen a lot of disloyalty directly and indirectly when it comes to friendships. I have seen people who would claim to have your back for life and then when it is actually time to prove their love for you, they would leave without looking back. Friends who are your friends because of what you can offer.

I used to be someone who would walk 2000 miles just to be able to help someone who was my friend (I am sought of still that person) and then always expect that the person would automatically be there for me. Not because I walked 2000 miles though, but because I thought I  had proven that no matter what, I would be there. It became so bad that if my friends weren’t there when I needed them, I would be so disappointed. I used to also have hierarchy of friends (e.g Friends, close friends, closest friends.. Lol)

I had a talk with one of my friends – Afo who told me that the way I thought about this friendship thingy was totally wrong. He said that once you do something for people, you shouldn’t always expect that they give you too or that they would be there for you. I found it difficult to swallow but at the end of the day, it is really true. When you give, don’t expect something. When you go out of your way for your friends or even anyone, do it because you want to not because in your mind, you feel like if you would ever need them – because you have done that thing – they will be there.

The truth is sometimes, that person might not be there for you at that time not because he or she didn’t want to be there, but because he was held up and couldn’t just be there. However, it is important to come to a level where you aren’t surprised that someone hurt you, gossiped about you or couldn’t just be there for you. It is very important to forgive in advance of whatever, that way nothing moves you.

I am still a work-in-progress, still evolving and growing but one thing I know is that only God is truly ever there for us. The best of the best friends.

To all the people I call friends, if you ever get to read this, I am so thankful and lucky that I have each and everyone of you. I hope to walk 2000 miles just to help out and be a great friend always.

Be Kind..

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing good? As for me, I’m holding up and keeping my head high.

Something dropped in my heart and I decided to write it immediately. A quick story;

I know a particular woman who had a daughter – a very pretty baby. This woman provided everything her daughter wanted and could literally beat up anyone that made her child cry (I witnessed an incident. Lol). One day, a friend of mine got tired of her attitude and said something around “are you the only one with a child? Are you the first to give birth?”

We later found out that this woman had gone through about six miscarriages in the past and that this baby girl was her first miracle.

The truth is that you don’t know the silent battles people are going through – you probably just know about 10% of things your friends pass through, so be kind.

To strangers – be kind. To your colleagues and friends, please be kind.

I want to conclude by saying that being kind is the right thing to do, not just because someone is going through bad times.

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With love,

Ogechi ❤️


Hi guys! (I am always excited when I say this)

It’s been over two months since I have been on here… How have you all been?

I see all my new followers and the likes… Hi guys, Thank you for the likes and follows! I have been so busy with school work and a lot of projects, but I am happy I can finally write again.

Look, starting all over can be extremely hard and In as much as I had a lot of things on my plate, I thought hard about my blog and what I wanted it to reflect. I want my blog to be about things I find interesting, random subjects like; Colors, finance, fitness, health, God, self development, motivational articles and all. Unfortunately, the name of this blog does not reflect that and I have been having issues changing it.

That being said, click here for my new blogggggg ( thegechiwrites ). Pause!

I will continue writing here, It still feels surreal as to how far I have come on nothinglikeimpossible – can’t leave here.

But I can not wait to share all the exciting things I have in place alreadyyyyy.

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Photo: Clay Banks

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while since I posted on here. I hope you liked my shabby review on my favorite sausage roll though. Lol.

The truth is I wanted to post something much more lively after this post (Kindly find below). Thank you for you kind messages ❤️.

How do I feel now?

Much better. I never write goals for the new year until January 1st, but this lady right here has written down everything she wants to achieve and the sweetest part of it all is that I have started working on my goals. I have also accepted that failure is a part of life. Yes, it can make you stumble and question everything, but you shouldn’t quit. I won’t quit😁

Okay so guys, it’s the festive season and I am super grateful for everything God has done for me. It has been a hard year, but it is still extremely important to remain thankful no matter the storm.

Like my blog’s name “Nothing is Impossible,” 2021 will be better and fillled with success, possibilities and lots of opportunities for you!

Photo: Sapan Patel

My Christmas was quite eventful. I went to my cousin’s house and we cooked a lot of delicacies (I’m sorry I couldn’t take pictures, my phone got spoilt), I spent quality time with friends and family and then, started reading two books; Atomic habits and The Defining Decade_Why your twenties matter. Both books are so inspiring but right now, I am more engrossed in the latter.

Do you ever feel like you have super powers after reading?

I once interned at one of the best Private Equity firms in Nigeria and my buddy at work said that he liked reading so that he could ‘chat’ about what he had read. Lol.

Why do you like reading?


With Love🌺

Is it normal to have an undying love for….. Yum Yum Beef Sausage Roll?

Oh! Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to my dearest Yum Yum.

I remember eating this particular beef sausage roll for the first time on the 4th of March, 2020 and since that day, it has become my best friend.

One thing I love about this particular sausage roll is the fact that it is really filling. After taking just one, I am automatically filled up and more often than not, I could skip lunch without even noticing.

Also, my favorite sausage roll has a very unique taste and texture. It is always so soft, succulent and yummyy (I feel like eating one already!)

I decided to research into what it is made of and realized that the energy content is so high. Maybe that is why I feel active after taking it. We all know the importance of having enough energy the tiniest things.

Moreover, eating healthy is so important and I do believe that a lot of research was done before making this product because all the classes of foods are moderately represented; From carbohydrate to fat and then protein.

Let’s not even start with the packaging. I am screaming, lol. I am not a fan of really flashy colours; I prefer mild, simple and classy colors. The wrapper has four colors; White, yellow, red and brown. These colors are in their darker shade which to me stand out. The yellow goes so well with the brown and red while the white brings a lot of calmness to the equation.

🌸Efforts to get through to Pioneer Foods Company, Nigeria (makers of yum yum) proved abortive as at the time of writing. I hope to carry out more research with regards to their production processes, employee engagement and marketing strategies. Until then!

Thank you for reading 🌸

I think I am losing focus…

I slipped.

I failed in what I always wanted to achieve, my topmost priority.

I think I am not just losing focus, but I feel myself drowning. Sometimes, Its like my life is slowly slipping away and nothing can be done. Over the years, I have always been someone who was always sure of everything, like what and where I would be in the next five years.

At this point though, I feel like a block head.

This photo was taken by me at the University of Lagos, Nigeria

I feel pressured. 

These days, I wake up feeling overwhelmed not because I have put in the work but because the air is thick. It’s like a billion people are looking up to me and slipping was not an option.

I have really tried to keep my life and everything private even to my Mum who is the closest person to my heart, but I couldn’t help it this time.

I think the main reason I told her was so that she wouldn’t expect so much from me (LOL)

I worked hard; Stayed up visualizing and was so focused on pulling through and achieving what I wanted.

This photo was taken by me. It felt good reflecting about a lot of things under this beautiful Sun

I am talking to God and thinking of going for therapy. These days though, I try to talk to my Mum more and laugh more. I am surrounding myself with everything positive. Oh, I also drafted plans as to how I can get back on my feet. The first two plans failed the day I started, but I made another one.

It’s still a long road ahead, but I will be fine.

With Love🌸

My friends, my family.

I am someone who likes meeting new people and having insightful conversations. I am always the happiest girl when I make a new friend because in as much as I like getting acquainted with people it could take a while before they actually become my friend.

Is anyone like me?😬

I grew up having really bad experiences seeing my parents and their supposed friends. That changed my perspectives about the importance of not just have friends, but having real friends that you can count on.

I’ll probably talk more about this friendship thing later on, but for now enjoy these pictures🤗

This photo was taken at Ife’s birthday in July, 2020.
Some of my favorite people in one picture 💕

Can anyone spot me?😁

With Love🌸

Overcome your fear in 3 minutes!

Truthfully, I don’t think there is any one that worries or get scared about situations than me. I could probably win an award for the most fearful person in the world. So many of us are in this category, from worrying about how to pay up the mortgage on our houses to how to secure that very financially rewarding job to finding love and then, the fear of failure.

What most people don’t know is that it is very okay to be afraid or fearful of the unknown. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a bad thing, that’s a lie. 2Corinthians 4VS18 says “So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.”

Take a break: Why don’t you take a break and think for a moment; what do you actually get from fretting over that situation, any prize? I think you actually begin to realize that what you get would be something around making mistakes, a lot of stress… not just physical stress now, but psychological stress. I am almost very sure you have started experiencing all these.

Stop worrying and start doing: I remember back in college when I had to really manage everything I got from home because I was not sure if I would be receiving any allowance for the rest of the semester. It was so bad that sometimes that I once lived on $2 for weeks. I started being afraid of having health complications. Buying clothes or looking nice was out of the question. I was quite young but I knew I had to make a move and so I took up a lot of side jobs while balancing my studies. Darling, what steps can you take to get through that difficulty? Right now, Pick up your pen and paper and write down what you are scared of. This exercise shouldn’t take up to a minute.. Then think about possible ways to go about solving it. “What minor job can I do to get out of this? What can I learn that can give me the skills needed to take me out of this mess.”There is always something to do.“

Talk to someone you can trust: I think people underestimate the power of this a lot. Talking can be very medicinal. Sometimes we keep a lot in our hearts, just so many toxic things that needs to be let out by talking to people you trust. I am very keen on people you trust because deep down, you know that they can never judge you, you know that those people would always have your best interest at heart. I also suggest seeing a shrink. There are times you might not be comfortable sharing your fears and worries with someone you know and just want external views or opinions, so you could talk to one.

God still listens: He does not have a schedule or timetable that would tell you when to talk to him. Tell him your problems, tell him about your worries and fears, and ask him to help you. He doesn’t sleep nor slumber. He is actually patiently waiting for you to only ASK. He said in his word, ask and you shall receive… that means that you should just ask and whatever you want will be granted. Why don’t you talk to him today?

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With Love🌸